About Me

Jon Niola

New Jersey born and raised, I have spent more than half of my life working in the field of information technology. From basic desktop support to enterprise software development and everything between.

Since 2002 I have been in my current position as a manager of information technology at Princeton University supporting many different technology initiatives within the Department of Art and Archaeology.

Outside of my full-time job I am a freelance developer. These days I am focused on both mobile development (Android mostly) and web applications (PHP, Java, Rails, RESTful services) etc. Currently getting myself up to speed with Docker.

Prior to joining Princeton University I cut my teeth in VP and director level positions at a couple of startups in NYC – Simile and Inforocket, as well as co-founding others such as Media Vortex, Fourth Degree Media Group, and Inline Hockey Central.

I have a lot of interests other than technology – my interests these days are ice hockey, inline hockey, hiking, fitness (weightlifting/powerlifting in particular), reading, writing, video games, and photography. Don’t watch a whole lot of TV but when I do I have a handful of favorites – Game of Thrones,¬†Arrow, The Flash, Homeland, New Jersey Devils, New York Giants and New York Yankees games.

Since 2001 my home has been Plainsboro, NJ with my wife Elise and our daughter Amanda.

Most of what I write will probably fall within my general interests such as technology, entrepreneurship, hiking, gaming, photography, programming, health & fitness etc.