Walking To Wellness

2019 was a pretty good year for me in respect to fitness. I ended 2018 at the heaviest I had ever weighed – slightly over 300 pounds. Combination of working a desk job and eating anything and everything in sight put me on a bad path.

So I decided to make some lifestyle changes last year to get me back to a healthier spot and fortunately I exceeded my own expectations and lost about 80 pounds over the course of the year.

Apple Watch, series 3

I started off with some modest changes. Instead of taking the campus shuttle between my office and the parking garage, I’d walk the half mile each way. Instead of just going out to lunch, I’d get something small and use half an hour of my lunch time to squeeze in a couple miles of walking. I stopped putting sweetener in my morning coffee and would just drink it with some half and half.

My tools were simple – my Apple Watch tracking all my activity and a Withings scale tracking my regular weight changes.

13.37 miles walked burns a good amount of calories.

Over time I got more and more comfortable with my routine and would start walking even longer. Before long, it was actually enjoyable to do 13+ mile walks to get the blood flowing.

The best part about using technology to track my progress was that I could quantify the results.

Walking helped me not only lose about 80 pounds, but my heart became healthier as well. By late summer my resting heart rate averaged between 49 and 52. The benefits of walking also improved my mental clarity.

Clothes fit better too – losing six inches off the waist is a nice benefit as well.

Goal for 2020 is to spend a lot more time on the bicycle as well as more time hiking.

A nice 17-mile day in Amsterdam