Coding Comfort

Setting up a comfortable place to work can really make coding fun again.

This past year I made a commitment to myself to hone my skills and learn some new things, but I always found it hard to be productive at home due to lack of a dedicated workplace.

I finally solved that problem and got around to setting up a home office in our unused fourth bedroom where I can get comfortable and write some code.

Nothing too fancy. I tried to match the indigo color of the sky after sunset but tried three different blues and couldn’t get it but I am still happy with how it came out. Went with carpeting for both warmth and to dampen sounds.

Since setting up this home office, my productivity has dramatically increased. I’ve spent countless hours writing code, doing Go tutorials, and having fun getting back into coding for fun as opposed to just work.

I definitely would recommend setting up a dedicated space for writing code even if it is just a corner in another room.