23andMe DNA Collection Kit
For a few years now I have been fighting off the temptation to plunk down some cash for genetic testing from 23andMe, but every year they made it harder to resist.

I have seen the price come down time and time again. I almost pulled the trigger last year when it went down to $199 bucks. Then this year they finally got me – on DNA Day they had a special deal – the sample collection kit was FREE for the day with only money you pay is the shipping and a one year commitment to a subscription service that was 9 bucks a month.

So needless to say, the kit was ordered that day, I provided my spit that day and sent it back ASAP. According to their web site I have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for the results but I know some people who got it a lot sooner. So now I am just waiting for it with my curiosity burning away!

When I finally get the kit I will do a full review of the service along with plenty of pictures and screenshots.