Q1 Progress

Flowers Spring is finally here even if by the colder than normal temperatures you wouldn’t know it. I started the year on a mission to completely change to a more healthy lifestyle.

So far so good. I eat a low carb diet (<30 grams of carbs) Sunday through Friday, and Saturday is my "cheat day" where I eat what I'd like and enjoy myself. For the most part Sunday through Friday I am eating no sugar products at all, staying away from starches and glutens and primarily eating a diet focused on healthy proteins and fats. Chicken, beef, turkey, eggs. For greens mostly spinach and broccoli. I also gave up on drinking calories - chocolate milk, mochas from Starbucks, etc. If I get thirsty now I reach for water or unsweetened iced tea or green tea. Here are some of the numbers so far: Weight
January 1: 261.2
March 31: 212.4

Resting Heart Rate
January 1: 90bpm
March 31: 57bpm

BF (body fat percentage via bioelectrical impedance)
January 1: 34%
March 30: 20%

Fasting Blood Glucose levels
January 1: 110 (pre-type 2 no bueno)
March 31: 80 (healthy range)

VO2 Max (ml/kg/min)
January 12: 26
March 30: 48

Blood pressure is pretty consistently around 110/70 too both before and after.

Overall I am pleased with the metrics. Still have a LONG way to go and the pace of weight loss has been slowing down as of late. The next 25-30 pounds will be tough, but I am optimistic I can and will do it.

Hardest part is getting yourself into the mindset that not only is it the right thing to do but that you can actually do it. Once you get to that point mentally the rest falls into place. And once you see results, it becomes quite easy to stick to the routine.