The Obligatory “First” Post

Welcome to Jon’s Journal.

Well, this is my like my third try at putting a blog up. You all know what they say about “third time” so I will leave it at that and hope for the best.

I attempted to write a blog back in like 2002 when it was the “new” thing, but never really got into it. Perhaps it was the shitty blog sites out there, or the lack of motivation. Whatever it was that deterred me seems to have passed.

So what’s changed? Hell if I know, but I am a rather opinionated person and I have a lot of shit to say these days. Figure the frequency of updates on this site will depend on how busy I am at the moment, or if there is something that catches my attention that I feel like writing about.

For example, if I get home from work, nothing really happened, nothing really keeping my attention at the moment I might not post jack. But say that idiot Bush does something dumb (ok, so I might be updating the site quite frequently lol) I might come on here to rant. Or maybe I will watch something on pay-per-view that I never saw and feel the desire to write about it.

Either way, this will be my place to spill thoughts on technology, politics, news, entertainment, eating, life etc. I am leaving commenting enabled in case people feel the urge to discuss what I post, or to tell me to go to hell because they dislike what I wrote.

Let’s see how this thing works out.